Arti Roller Flour Industries Pvt. Ltd.


We are dedicated to deliver the quality products to our customers especially produced in the most hygienic conditions at the lowest possible cost. Quality at Arti Roller flour industries continue through out the milling process starts from the procurement of wheat and ends with the delivery of the final products to the customer while achieving the good of total customer satisfaction. R&D and Testing Laboratory We have our own well-equipped laboratory for carrying out the assessment of flour quality in order to control the grist & flour treatments. The mill laboratory is a very important part for the mill foreman to enable him to set up the mill to give optimum yield & quality. The major quality concerns are related to the colors, the protein content, water absorption gluts content and moisture content and the following tests are usually carried out to check there:
  • Moisture tests with direct reading meter
  • Bushel test to assist in control of the grist & conditioning
  • Colors grade figure of flour for control of flour quality
  • Peaks spot tests for the control of powder additives
  • Sieve tests on grind from the breaks to assist in the settling of rolls. A laboratory plan sifter on hand sieves may be used
Apart from this we also take the support from some outside govt. testing agencies such as food testing laboratory, etc for provide the best of quality to our customers.